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    Fort Hamilton, NY - Hospital

    The nearest hospital is approximately a one hour drive from the post, but the Ainsworth Army Health Clinic can handle a variety of health issues. For emergency care, call 911, and you will be transported to the nearest emergency room. If you have questions about health care, call the Fort Hamilton Health Clinic at 718-630-4129 or DSN 232-4129. There is no dental care at the Ainsworth Clinic.

    Ainsworth Army Health Clinic
    114 White Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY
    Phone 718-630-4417/4860 / 718-630-4129
    Pharmacy 718-630-4268

    Bldg. 114B 1st Floor
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 0830-1200
    Tuesday & Thursday 1200- 1630

    Before you move, please get any routine medical or dental care you think you might need during the time you'll be traveling.

    Active duty military should report to the Ainsworth Clinic for sick call.
    Sick call will continue until all patients checked in by 0830 and 1330 hours are seen.