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    Fort Hamilton, NY Museums

    The Harbor Defense Museum is a small museum on post, focused on the history of harbor defense and defenses, coastal artillery, and related matters. Fort Hamilton itself is the last of a network of forts defending New York Harbor, one of the most important cities and busiest ports in the world for most of US history.

    The Brooklyn Museum is not about Brooklyn; it's the second largest art museum in New York City, with a collection of 1.5 million pieces, only a fraction of which are on display at any time. The museum rotates exhibits and hosts travelling exhibits, and supports several education tracks for youth and adults. The Brooklyn Museum is on the north side of Prospect Park, near the central section of the city.

    The Brooklyn Children's Museum is the oldest hands-on museum for children in the US, going back to 1899. The BCM has a variety of art, science, and craft activities and education tracks, including after school programs. The Brooklyn Children's Museum is near the center of the city.

    The Toy Museum of New York, in Brooklyn, features a show and a toy museum, and operates art, chess, theater, and other classes.

    Other places have railway museums - New York has the New York Transit Museum, focused on subway and other transit vehicles, including several subway cars, and related exhibits. The museum is at the Court Street Station, in Brooklyn, available on the A, C, F, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines.

    The Brooklyn Academy of Music is spread out in a few locations, and gives several performances or showings in several media, year round. The BAM started as a music academy, but today teaches film, dance, theater, comedy, opera, and other performing arts, all of which need audiences. Performances are held in a few local venues. BAM also runs youth and teen education programs.

    The Brooklyn Book Festival is held in September, and features many Brooklyn and other New York authors, and other authors and works from around the world. The BBF is mostly focused on adult readers, but also includes children's programming, and benefits from being right in the backyard of the New York publishing houses.
    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, in Prospect Park, near the zoo, is one of the oldest established botanical gardens in the US. The garden features an herbal garden, a Japanese hill-and-pond garden, over 200 cherry trees of several varieties, an extensive rose garden, a Shakespeare garden (a cottage garden featuring plants from Shakespeare's time and plays), a discovery garden, fragrance garden, children's garden, a bonsai collection, garden and other art, and education programs for grown and young gardeners.

    The Prospect Park Zoo is Brooklyn's own zoo - there are four zoos in New York City: Prospect Park; the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and Queens Zoo - dating back to the 1890s. The Prospect Park Zoo features a variety of animals, runs several youth education programs, and is less crowded than the more famous zoos in other boroughs.

    The New York Aquarium says it is the oldest operating aquarium in the USA, and provides education about sea life for Brooklynites, including tours and school education programs. The Aquarium is only about 10-15 minutes southeast of post.